Here we go…

Hey there!

I'm a brand new Homeschool Mama and I want to use this space to document my journey honestly and hopefully encourage another Mama that needs a friend and someone to go through this experience with. It's a lot!

So far, I've felt stressed, overwhelmed, unsure, at peace and everything in between. Each day I feel differently about my journey and I think that's normal, even though on those tough days I've felt anything but normal. So, let's do this together! Are you in? Let's link arms and do this thing!



One of the perks of homeschooling is MOBILITY! We can take the show on the road! My family had to spend most of the day at the hospital one day this week. In the past, a day like that would've meant one of two things: either an absence or us not being able to be together where we needed to be. I know one absence (or a few) is really not a huge deal, but it sure was nice not to have logistical hurdles to jump over.


We are currently learning about the Jamestown settlement. We've made a simple wigwam out of construction paper and tape – I'm ALL ABOUT keeping it simple! We also made cornbread one evening to go with our dinner and talked about how corn is ground into cornmeal. Today we completed a Jamestown Fort.

These ideas did not come from curriculum, but I like to branch out and get creative whenever we can. I've discovered that setting time aside to do more in-depth projects is way more fun and the lessons sink in so much more!

Early Thoughts on Curriculum


I'm having some feelings about curriculum. I won't share which curriculum we use (if you really want to know, contact me personally at and I'll be happy to tell you).

We are using a complete curriculum because I thought for my first year it would be best to have some strict guidelines.

Some days the curriculum is the best thing that ever happened to me and other days it is my worst enemy. I find myself, on the hard days, being completely stressed and overwhelmed that I'm going to get behind or if I veer off the plan at all I get so bumfuzzled when I try to get my ducks in a row again. I feel like I have all these weird loose ends that I have to struggle to fit in somewhere else.

There are sooooo many options for curriculum, which is great but also somewhat overwhelming when you are a beginner – like me! I'm trying to figure out my personality as far as a Homeschool Mama goes and my goals and the atmosphere I want to create within our home learning environment. I'm thinking next year I will probably go with something a bit more relaxed that will allow me to veer off occasionally without feeling overwhelmed. I think my confidence level will be able to handle a more loose plan next year.

I'm finding that so much of this journey is trial and error. There is no "right way" to homeschool just like there is no "right way" to parent. We all have different personalities, our children have different personalities and learning styles and we all have different strengths and weaknesses. So my thought on all of it is – You do YOU!

I think the comparison game is alive and well in the homeschool world just as it is everywhere else – IMAGINE THAT! So, we just need to keep our attention on the pulse of our individual families and do what's best for us.